Brief biography:

1992–1997 Graduated European culture from the Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan
           (specialization I theater).
           Researching in Moscow for a thesis on the Russian ritual
          experimental theater-Studio Klimienki.
1997-2002 Working in experimental theater Studio Czyczkowy and participating
           In many internationals workshops for independent actors.
2002 Build old instrument hurdy-gurdy studied by Stefan Puchalski .
2003 Came to Denmark to the small island Fur.
          Interest from building hurdy-gurdy turned to sculpting in wood.
2012 Participating in the woodcraft school
          Lycée des métiers d'arts, du bois et de l'ameublement Revel (France).

           Participation in festivals:
2010 International wood symposium in Oddense/ Denmark
2011 International wood symposium in Højer/Denmark
2012 International wood symposium in Oddense/Denmark
2012 The V International Monumental Wooden Sculpture Festival
         “Legends of the North” Labytangi/Russia
2013 XIX International Woodsculpting Symposium i Kemijärvi / Finland
2013 III International Woodsculpture Festival «Miracle workers», Uvat / Russia / Siberia

3. price in the third International Wooden Park Sculpture Festival «Miracle workers», Uvat / Russia / Siberia

2006 Exhibition, “Gallery Karoline Hus”, Fur, Denmark